Monday, April 7, 2008

Why One Shouldn't Have Children (Reason #187)

My friend K8 from Chicago paid a visit on Saturday. We had a good chat about life, love, and the future. What do we see in the future? I can tell you what we don't see: children. K8 feels the pressure from her family (and society) to have children. K8 had this to say on the subject:

I have strangers, people I meet at work or wherever, telling me that I'd make a good mother. I'm like, you've talked to me how many times? For how long? You don't know me. What, I'm a woman so that means I'd make a good mother?

K8 told me this amusing (and frightening) story about a group of third-graders who had plotted to kill their teacher. If you're thinking about having kids, please read this story and reconsider. You may think, oh no, not me, not my child. You may think you can raise him or her "right". But honestly, once that kid enters the public school system--Good fucking luck.

This post is for all you women out there feeling the pressure to poop out some kids. You don't have to do it. Fuck society. Fuck your family. Fuck your mom and her "wanting grandchildren." Fuck your dad for "wanting you to carry on the family name." Yeah, and the family history of depression, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and bad Irish skin--oh wait, that's my story. Fuck your sister for hanging onto her kids' baby clothes "just in case." And fuck all you gays wanting to be "normal" by starting a family. Put all that energy into your careers, fixing up the house, owning nice things. Buy a dog. What, I'm selfish? I think I'm self-less. Life is hard, mofos. Seriously. Let's (not) think about the children here.

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M.T. said...

What if you don't want to be "normal" OR hand down bad genes, like me?