Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Breeding Between the Lines

On our way to Saugatuck this past weekend, K8 and I drove past a town called Breedsville. It gave me the heebie jeebies. I imagined this or the kids up above from the film Village of the Damned. I stepped on the gas so we could get as far away as possible.

K8 dug up an old story about a friend of hers who had once gone to a sex party out in Saugatuck. The party/orgy took place in a barn. He had to pay a cover at the door. Inside, he fucked and was fucked by who knows how many strangers. My first thought: God, that must have smelled. My second thought: Did he use protection? Apparently, he wasn't--or he wasn't sure. How can you tell when you are on the receiving end of things?

So, where is he now? He's living in New York. He's been in a relationship with a woman for over 3 years. A woman. K8 said that back in her undergrad years (6-8 years ago) she would get so drunk over at his apartment and have to sleep on his couch. She'd hear him fucking guys ("it sounded like they were moving furniture," K8 said) and he'd come out after and tell K8: "You should see his ass. Really. I want you to see it. It's beautiful." This guy is with a woman? How can you go from loving a man's ass--wait, hold up, how can you go from anonymous gay sex in barns to a breed box?

The Breeders have a new album out. Very exciting. I've been a fan since their breakout Pod in '90. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the early 90s. Seriously. Some of my favorite albums (PJ Harvey Rid of Me, Pavement Slanted and Enchanted, My Bloody Valentine Loveless) all came out then. Go check out the lovely and extremely talented Heather Phares' review at Allmusic.

Recently, I found out the gays are using the verb breed instead of bareback. It means to have unprotected anal intercourse or as the Urban Dictionary says: The act of blowing a load or taking a load up the ass without a rubber. I thought to breed meant to impregnate. Or mate. Why are the gays using it? Thoughts?

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M.T. said...

Did it ever occur to you, Kristian, that there's a small group of dedicated gay men determined to prove biology wrong and impregnate each other? They keep on keepin' on in the hopes that one day, their seed will flourish in the colon of a fertile male host.