Friday, April 11, 2008


At the recent National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Leadership Awards ceremony, honoree John Waters had this funny bit to say about voting:

“Of course, vote,” Waters said. He then added, “I’m tired of liberals saying, ‘They stole the election.’ Well, let’s steal it this time. I always vote three or four times in every election. And can’t gay neighborhoods fix up [the voting places] better? Have them put glory holes in the voting booths. When you vote, pick somebody up!”


I also loved what he had to say about (not) going to the gym:

“I’m the only gay man who’s never been to the gym,” he explained. “If I could find a trainer to give me the body of a junkie, I’d be there! I’ve never been to the baths either. Me in a towel, horny? I couldn’t get laid. I get laid by making people laugh. And that’s what gay people should do: Use their wit and their humor as terrorism to win.”

I hear he is working on a children's film called: Fruitcake. Let's hope the rumors are true.

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