Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gay Kissing as Weapon of Choice

In a recent gamer survey parents would much rather see violence (decapitation) than two men kissing in their child's video games.

Check out this clip from the video game Bully in which two dudes make out. The clip is ridiculous, but not offensive. Well. The noise they make while making out is a little much. I love the dialogue, too: I'm hot. You're hot. Let's make out. Or second best line: I'm a totally awesome kisser, right?

Do these parents fear their children will turn gay by playing the video game?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Homosocial (?) Behavior

I am now a fan of Brian Finke's photography. Not because of the half-naked dude-age. The photograph above comes from his Frat Boy series, which captures the drunken brotherly love. Finke's work is in the moment; doesn't seem staged at all. Yet he chooses to work with artificial lighting, so things feel theatrical or staged. Me likes.


At the recent National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Leadership Awards ceremony, honoree John Waters had this funny bit to say about voting:

“Of course, vote,” Waters said. He then added, “I’m tired of liberals saying, ‘They stole the election.’ Well, let’s steal it this time. I always vote three or four times in every election. And can’t gay neighborhoods fix up [the voting places] better? Have them put glory holes in the voting booths. When you vote, pick somebody up!”


I also loved what he had to say about (not) going to the gym:

“I’m the only gay man who’s never been to the gym,” he explained. “If I could find a trainer to give me the body of a junkie, I’d be there! I’ve never been to the baths either. Me in a towel, horny? I couldn’t get laid. I get laid by making people laugh. And that’s what gay people should do: Use their wit and their humor as terrorism to win.”

I hear he is working on a children's film called: Fruitcake. Let's hope the rumors are true.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is the kinda thing you find at an antique mall in Saugatuck

If only I had known about Jordache doll back in '81...

I wonder what accessories he comes with: Amyl Nitrite? A jock strap?

Remember how Strawberry Shortcake smelled like strawberries (or carpet deodorizer). What do you think he smells like? I'm thinking locker room. The smell of balls. And Irish Spring.

His jeans could be a little tighter. I think my mom had a belt just like that one.

Man. I could only imagine the trouble he'd get into with He-Man.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tales of THE City

San Francisco is THE city. I had no idea. I was like, fuck San Francisco and the hippies and the faggots and give me a real working class city like Boston or Chicago. Well, I take it back. I spent a couple days in San Francisco and I fell in love with it. Hard. I've decided I will live there some day. Don't know how I'd afford it, but it will happen.

But for the time being, I'm going to revisit the city in the fiction of Armistead Maupin. I just read his first Tales of the City.

I'm really not much for writing reviews. I'll leave that to Divine and M.T. I'll just recommend the book. It's a soap opera. Ridiculous things happen. But it's the characters that keep you going. The relationships (straight and gay) are believable. You really do care about the characters and you want them to find love. San Francisco in the '70s was a time of free love; yet people struggled to find true love. ECK. This is why I don't write reviews. Vomit. It's a great book. Read it.

I'm going to watch the PBS series when I go visit M.T. in a week--he owns the DVD collection. I can't wait to see what they did with it.

Then I'll have to see the musical. Did you hear about this? Avenue Q guy and Scissor Sisters' band members are working on the musical slated to hit Broadway in 2009/2010.

I just started reading another San Franciscan novel: The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk by Randy Shilts. I've seen the Academy Award-winning documentary The Times of Harvey Milk--if you haven't seen it, rent it, Netflix it, get it. And soon, we'll be seeing Gus Van Sant's film starring Sean Penn as Milk.

Breeding Between the Lines

On our way to Saugatuck this past weekend, K8 and I drove past a town called Breedsville. It gave me the heebie jeebies. I imagined this or the kids up above from the film Village of the Damned. I stepped on the gas so we could get as far away as possible.

K8 dug up an old story about a friend of hers who had once gone to a sex party out in Saugatuck. The party/orgy took place in a barn. He had to pay a cover at the door. Inside, he fucked and was fucked by who knows how many strangers. My first thought: God, that must have smelled. My second thought: Did he use protection? Apparently, he wasn't--or he wasn't sure. How can you tell when you are on the receiving end of things?

So, where is he now? He's living in New York. He's been in a relationship with a woman for over 3 years. A woman. K8 said that back in her undergrad years (6-8 years ago) she would get so drunk over at his apartment and have to sleep on his couch. She'd hear him fucking guys ("it sounded like they were moving furniture," K8 said) and he'd come out after and tell K8: "You should see his ass. Really. I want you to see it. It's beautiful." This guy is with a woman? How can you go from loving a man's ass--wait, hold up, how can you go from anonymous gay sex in barns to a breed box?

The Breeders have a new album out. Very exciting. I've been a fan since their breakout Pod in '90. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the early 90s. Seriously. Some of my favorite albums (PJ Harvey Rid of Me, Pavement Slanted and Enchanted, My Bloody Valentine Loveless) all came out then. Go check out the lovely and extremely talented Heather Phares' review at Allmusic.

Recently, I found out the gays are using the verb breed instead of bareback. It means to have unprotected anal intercourse or as the Urban Dictionary says: The act of blowing a load or taking a load up the ass without a rubber. I thought to breed meant to impregnate. Or mate. Why are the gays using it? Thoughts?