Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hedwig Is Alive and Well and Living in the Ukraine

Why do Europeans get to have all the fun? While our AmIdols bend over backwards to deny that they, um, bend over, the annual Eurovision Song Contest provides an endless parade of boyish girls, girly boys and trannies of all stripes, some of whom, like our friend Verka (above), end up placing as high as SECOND. (Meanwhile, grand prize winner Marija Serifovic is a chantenuse who looks like she regularly hangs with the ladies who lunch on The L Word.)

Across the Atlantic, these same folks would be relegated to the mean-spirited freakshow that is the early rounds of AmIdol. Is it any wonder the Scissor Sisters sell millions of records overseas but can't garner more than a "cult" audience here? Call it homophobia if you like, but it seems to be more of an aversion to all things remotely fabulous -- just look at how toast-bland some of our most-popular divas have gotten.

For more info on the insane drag-off that is Eurovision, look no further than GoFugYourself...



divine m said...

Wasn't Mariah always bland?

Scissor Sisters are more than cult here. Proof: Don't feel like dancing is the first track on my latest spinning cd. 'Course it's kiwi bitches that put those together. Nevermind.

I hate AmIdol.

Do you think embracing freakshows will necessarily make them bland?

divine m said...

Hey! That's you!

Now send me a photo of the three of us you like and I'll update the mainpage. . . .

M.T. . . . Mr. T. . . .